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Becoming a CCiNZ member benefits you in many ways:

Become a Ccinz member - do it now!!!

As a Contact Centre professional, whether as a Manager, Team Leader or CSR, we often think how different our role is. Different can mean exciting, rewarding, challenging, frustrating and many other strong descriptions. As with anything in life sharing these emotions is hugely beneficial. Whether it is to share the wins and give someone else hope or ideas, or share the downs and have someone give you the hope and ideas, sharing is good. Sharing and support is a lot of what CCiNZ is about and we would encourage you to join us so that you can add to the wealth of knowledge within this organisation or benefit from it.


Through attending industry events you

  • Keep up with industry trends and changes
  • Network with industry peers and gain contacts who can offer assistance and pointers.
    Being able to ask peers “how do you...” can encourage new ways of looking at problems and help you avoid common pitfalls
  • Reinforce the brand of your organisation
  • Information on who is moving; staffing that may become available
  • Can assist others with issues they are facing by sharing ideas and knowledge


Membership entitles you to

  • Discounted Pricing on events and conference
  • Special offers available only to CCiNZ members
  • Access to Members Only information on the CCiNZ website
  • Corporate membership allows you the ability to have five people within your organisation enjoy the benefits.


“The ROI for me comes in when you think about things like replacing a staff member, if you could find a replacement through the group there's thousands saved in recruitment fees alone. Coming along to the events can give you hints, tips and information that could save you or make you money for the business.” Craig

“For me it is about confidence – being able to state that I am part of a wider group of people doing similar work within different organisations and that we share ideas and knowledge for the benefit of all.  This makes me confident in my decision making when I have aired new strategies with other contact centre professionals” Janette

Apply for Membership now and an invoice will be forwarded to you. Please note that the Membership year commences on 1st July so if paying by credit card (Visa/MasterCard) online at any other time please email or telephone 0508 422 469 for a manual credit card transaction which will be calculated on a monthly basis. You may also download the membership application form here.

Registration options:

Individual Metropolitan (Auckland only) (incl GST) $ 230.00
Corporate Membership (incl GST) $ 862.50
Individual Regional (incl GST) $ 172.50
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