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Connections Workshop - Details

Connections Workshop Details: Where: Auckland
Date: Tue Oct 23,2018
Time: 4:00 pm -6:30 pm

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Is your contact centre seen as a cost centre? Or is your centre viewed as a revenue growth and retention centre?

We will explore how you can change conversations with your Executives to help them understand the full value of your team’s contribution to your organisation’s bottom line performance.

We’ll look at the different metrics and how to best quantify the revenue contribution your team makes.

We’ll also look at which metrics are best to measure contact centre performance in helping to deliver your organisation’s customer experience. We’ll share success stories and ideas on how you can change the conversation within your organisation. Ideas on how to:

  *   Help your Executives to see the full potential of the value your team can deliver, and
  *   Ensure that Executives understand that it takes every team across the organisation to deliver what’s most important to customers, to see a meaningful change in customers’ perception of your brand.

Sue Atkins and Mark Macdonald, from Connections Ltd, will be presenting best practice ideas and approaches, as well as facilitating the workshop discussion.

 About Connections

Connections are a team of experts specialising in customer experience, channel development, and operational efficiency. They work alongside their clients to build solutions that reflect best practice and will work best in each organisation. They help embed new ways of working to deliver a legacy of better results.

Venue: Skills, Level 2, LG House, The Crossing, 60 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki 2013




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