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CCiNZ is a proud member of APCCAL 

The Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association of Leaders (APCCAL) was created in 2007 as an initiative of China, to promote greater regional dialogue and knowledge sharing among the Call Centre industry associations within the Asia Pacific region.   APCCAL is made up of members from 10 countries and 10 industry associations and CCiNZ joined APCCAL in 2011.


The members are, in alphabetical order:


·         China

·         Hong Kong

·         Indonesia

·         Korea

·         Malaysia

·         New Zealand

·         Philippines

·         Singapore

·         Taiwan

·         Thailand

By joining with APCCAL, CCiNZ has committed to share and build strong networking across the Asia Pacific region with the spirit to communicate, share and grow. As customers, we always want more and better experiences. We understood it's not easy to maintain customer satisfaction and experiences.  We have a willingness to share and exchange our research about customers and companies in our industry and together will continue to grow.

APCCAL is also commited to the collective effort of promoting the goal of the greater collaboration and best practices sharing in delivering exceptional customer experience in Asia Pacific amongst member countries of APCCAL and the region. This is clearly the essence when considering the partnership between the 10 country associations forming APCCAL. Huge progress has already been achieved in ensuring seamless sharing of best practices in that direction and the work continues.

The upcoming APCCAL Expo in Bangkok will prove the success of this association at a new milestone whilst showcasing APCCAL as how it was envisioned 10 years ago. We will be focusing on the market transition, technology and digitalisation of customer experience in the industry.

With a Connected Digital Customer Experience, it enables companies to deliver contextual, continuous and capability-rich journeys for their customers. The differentiated and relevant service couples with effortless experience for customers as and when they need it or where they prefer, should be the aspiration of all organisations regardless of size and geography.









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